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Andrew Bees delivers his brand of conscious reggae to a new generation

[LOS ANGELES] – Black Uhuru frontman and solo artist Andrew Bees delivers provocative Rasta Culture Reggae to sing Babylon in the digital age with latest single “Hail and Blaze”

As a terrific solo artist, founder of Beeshive Music, and charismatic leader of legendary Grammy-winning reggae band Black Uhuru for the past 27 years, Andrew Bees has always been committed to the sacred roots of reggae as music of resistance to political corruption, racism and the social injustices of oppressive colonizing governments, represented in Rasta tradition by the archetypal wicked city of Babylon.

Andrew Bees

Solo single “Hail and Blaze”

Partner with independent label SoCal Law files for the release of his latest solo single “Hail And Blaze” (out April 15, 2022), Bees is now continuing the legacy, bringing his personal brand of conscious roots reggae to a new generation of audiences and future reggae artists, while offering a powerful reminder of reggae’s capacity for social critique. In the process, Bees proved that he, perhaps more than any of his contemporary musical peers, is a wise teacher. Above all, when it comes to articulating the values ​​and spirit behind the sacred trifecta of Reggae, Rasta and Revolution to a new generation of fans who experience injustice in the unique socio-political context of our era.

And that’s a good thing, because we’re not in Kansas anymore… and the old school model of oppression via the nationalist colonialism of the past is a very different beast to the digitally enhanced Black Mirror style oppression that is happening. is right in front of us. artificially intelligent future. The New Babylon is a technocratic Babylon, ruled by a transnational network of unelected corporate cronies and evil billionaire Bond villains, armed with deep data and delusional decree to hack into the human mind and colonize our free will.

Yes, in a world where most are so mesmerized by the masterfully spun illusions of a technocratic media matrix that we are often blind to our own impending enslavement, the music sent from the Beeshive is a new rasta reggae revolt for the era dystopian. And in this desert the songs of Andrew Bees come out like fearsome-headed bumblebees Souljahs of Love to pollinate the land with righteousness and awe-inspiring tunes.

“It’s the music of pollination,” says Bees, “The Beeshive pollinates a poly-nation with love. Without the bees, then the trees are nothing, you know? And without the trees, then you and me as that human beings are nothing. And, without us, the trees are nothing. There is a connection and it is about spreading love and happiness. Because there is so much sadness everywhere in the world so we make the music of love and we take it from nation to nation…to create a new generation that we can be proud of as human beings to see what we are accomplishing is -say love. We ain’t got nothing to do but love, man.

“Hail And Blaze” features an epic, groaning guitar riff thrown over a militant, harsh groove that’s interspersed with what sound like rhythmic triple finger swipes along the guitar neck that somehow give the effect of intermittent sampled bird tweets affirming Jah. Defiantly emerging from the mix, Bees delivers a wide range of almost ecstatic vocal lyrics that invoke the communal strength of A Labella, where Binghi gather to sing hymns, salute Jah and keep ancient doctrines and teachings passed down ablaze. from Ethiopia’s gateway to civilization. Within the hallowed walls of this sacred space, the laser-focused chanting of worshipers drowns out the noise and constant media spin of false narratives designed to distract the collective psyche with addictive consumption and a constant cry of war.

Not having it, Bees warns the deceitful agents of Babylon not to come “frown”…unless they want to catch the lightning:

Don’t come here without talking about a long story

Hey ! Butt no whole inna no pumpkin.

Your masked face and your doctrines of Halloween

Those of Binghi continue to sing

Binghi man they continue…
Higher, hail and fire and hail and fire.

The combined effect of the track’s various beautifully integrated elements feels like Bees is delivering a glorious Braveheart-worthy pep talk, allowing us to withstand the barrage, see through the conjured illusions of New Babylon’s media mages and… to expel poisonous, colonizing voices from our minds with the dizzying purge of a Solomonic exorcism.

“Honey bees can’t stand stupidity,” says Andrew Bees bluntly and admiringly of the industrious little insects that bear his name and ensure the entire life cycle. “For the hive, everything must be unopposed on a cycle that must occur and they turn to this task no matter what man says. Man cannot come up with stories and tell a bee, ‘It’s a bad day today so I have to hide in the hive watching TV’ They don’t believe it There’s no bad day for a bee, man Every day is a bad day busy day for a bee;every day they have to work.The Beeshive has the task of pollinating the world with love and joy to grow into the next generation.

This statement reflects a longstanding philosophy of Andrew Bees that children are the future, and by connecting humanity through music, artists can pass the torch and ensure the future has been pollinated with values. strong and good vibes.

In 2019, Andrew Bees started his own record label and trademark called Beeshive Music. Since its inception, Beeshive Music has been instrumental in uplifting the youth of the Waterhouse district of Kingston, Jamaica by supporting and encouraging young people to “get off the streets and into music” in support of of creating a more positive future.

Shortly after, Bees signed a distribution deal with LAW Records. Owned and operated by the prolific artists/entrepreneurs of reggae-rock band Pepper (Yesod Williams, Kaleo Wassman and Bret Bollinger), the independent SoCal label shares Beeshive Music’s commitment to passing the torch and has also invested in the development of the next generation of reggae artists and connecting the genre’s wide-open future to its legendary Jamaican roots.

LAW Managing Director Paul Milbury says, “What we wanted to do was connect the burgeoning American and Californian reggae scene with the original Jamaican legends, who helped create the scene that inspired this one: Andrew Bees is certainly one of those legends and we are honored. to release his latest solo work.

Upcoming album

“Hail and Blaze” is the second single Bees released before his next album. Real life (to be released July 29, 2022 and distributed via LAW Records). It follows the release of the album’s title track single last winter. The album is produced by Bees himself under his legal name of O’Neil Beckford. Moreover, it is the first project produced thanks to his BeesHive Music.

Under the direction of the prolific manager, agent, project manager and artistic director Robert Oyugi of Ujama designs, the album was recorded at Nice n Up and AXX studios and features Bingy on drums and percussion, Devon Bradshaw on bass, Valter Vincenti on lead guitar and Andrew Diamond on guitar, keyboards and backing vocals. Real Life was mixed by Andrew Seidel at SUB80. Moreover, it was produced by the same under his better known stage name of Andrew Diamond.

The single “Hail and Blaze” was released on April 15, 2022 and is available on all major streaming platforms.