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An innovative dance theater company presents a unique show, “They saw tomorrow”

Meat market productions

Booker T. Washington graduate, performer, artist, choreographer, Marlee Fleisher started a dance theater company called Meat Market Productions. She says the goal is to “create accessible, high-quality productions and events” and “to foster a diverse local creative community driven by experimentation, innovation and collaboration.”

Fleisher and Co. recently received the maximum funding available through the ArtsActivate grant from the Dallas Office of Arts and Culture. She says the money will be used to produce the company’s first multi-disciplinary event called “They Saw Tomorrow”.

“‘They Saw Tomorrow’ is an immersive dance performance that combines film, live music and dance to explore what the future might look like from the perspective of the Dallas community,” she explains.

The show includes 20 interviews with Dallas residents about what they imagine the world will look like in 20 years, plus a new live performance featuring dancers and musicians inspired by the archives, which will also be available online. .

Performances are July 22-30 at the Oak Cliff Urban Arts Center.

Fleisher has a unique approach to ticket sales aimed at closing the fine art affordability gap.

Tickets are sold using a two-tier pricing strategy, she explains. General tickets are priced at an affordable $15, while “patron” tickets, “for those in a financial position to purchase a more expensive ticket,” cost $30. “It removes the traditional financial barrier that occurs when viewing high-quality works,” she says.

Fleisher says she and her troupe aim to push the boundaries of Dallas dance theater.

“We intended to create work that was thought-provoking, unforgettable and unique to Meat Market,” she says.

They also hope to expand the local audience for experimental art.

“Performing and engaging with communities outside of the traditional Dallas arts scene allows Meat Market to bridge the gap between artists and patrons, creating space for audience members to see themselves as part of the art rather than as mere spectators of the performance,” says Fleisher.

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