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America’s Got Talent music producer Scott Simons can finally be himself on set with Widex MOMENT hearing aids | News

HAUPPAUGE, NY, February 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Singer, songwriter and musician Scott Simons is best known as the voice behind the theme song to the hit children’s television series paw patrol. But he also plays a vital role in the popular contest show America’s Got Talent. As a member of the production team, in addition to arranging and producing, Simons collaborates with contestants to deliver an excellent performance. This includes helping to overcome any nerves they may be feeling.

“They’re in Hollywood — many for the first time — and our job is to get them through the bullying of the moment and help them be creative,” says Simons. “Sometimes they are shy or afraid to speak up, but we keep pushing forward.”

Which hasn’t always been easy.

Simons suffers from progressive genetic hearing loss. His mother and his maternal grandfather followed the same progression. When he was a child, teachers wondered if Scott couldn’t hear or ignored them. Back then, he says now, he didn’t feel like the hearing loss affected him much. Growing up, he knew two things: he was going to be a musician and he didn’t want hearing aids. But by the time he went to college, one of the two had to change.

“With hearing loss, there’s this emotional baggage that builds up over a lifetime of people cracking jokes or asking me if I can hear them,” he says. “You start to withdraw from social interaction for fear of embarrassment. It’s exhausting.”

And he admits another fear: a stigma associated with wearing hearing aids. “Only old people have hearing aids,” he thought at the time.

When he was heading towards West Virginia Universitywhere Simons graduated in music theory and composition and participated in almost every band or ensemble offered by the school, he could only bring himself to wear one hearing aid, even though he knew his loss Hearing involved both ears.

“It was just vanity,” he says. “But when I finally started wearing two hearing aids – and finally landed on the hearing aids I wear today – it was like my personality could really come out. You react to people in real time, you have real conversations. You’re not yourself if you can’t fully engage with everything that’s going on around you.”

The moment of truth and change

Years ago, Simons found a brand of hearing aids he was comfortable with, even though the relationship didn’t last.

“I’m someone who sticks to whatever works. I really don’t want to shop around,” he says. “I’ve driven three versions of a Honda Fit in my life. I just go back to the dealership and say, ‘I want a Honda Fit in black and don’t sell me anything else.'”

So Simons didn’t plan to be upset by his new Widex MOMENT hearing aids, even though he knew he’d gotten every possible performance out of his older devices. Having moved to Los Angeles To further his musical career, Simons sometimes struggled to communicate to hearing care professionals exactly what was missing and what he wanted from his hearing aids. He wanted discreet in-the-canal hearing aids, but he also wanted a fuller, more natural hearing experience.

When he visited Hearing solutions for musicians in beverly hills for the first time, he intended to get the latest and greatest version of his seven-year-old hearing aids. But after learning about his lifestyle and desired characteristics, audiologist Dr. Julie Glick suggested that she also try Widex MOMENT hearing aids. Reluctantly, he accepted.

“I have been practicing audiology for 25 years and only work with the best manufacturers in the industry. This allows me to choose which company will provide the best results based on each patient’s unique hearing needs,” said Dr. Glick. . “Scott needed his new hearing aids to improve the sound quality both professionally, as a musician and personally in his everyday life. Based on this, I insisted that he try Widex MOMENT – despite his initial reluctance.”

Widex MOMENT hearing aids include patented PureSound technology to help overcome man-made noise that occurs when direct, amplified sound arrives at the eardrum out of sync. With PureSound’s ZeroDelay processing, ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, Widex MOMENT hearing aids deliver the fastest sound processing in the industry. At just 0.5 milliseconds, it eliminates distortion and other common artifacts to create a more natural sounding hearing aid.

Dr. Glick continued, “The natural, smooth and clear sound that only Widex MOMENT can deliver makes all the difference in the world, especially for musicians and others who value sound quality. I’m glad Scott trusted me with this recommendation. and experienced for himself the upgrade offered by Widex MOMENT.”

Simons brought home a pair of MOMENTS to compare with the latest version of his old brand, also provided by Dr Glick as part of a trial. One night, while wearing the old brand and watching sports at a local restaurant, he noticed he had trouble separating the sound from the TVs from the conversations around him. He switched to the Widex MOMENT pair for comparison and everything changed.

“Literally 30 seconds later, I could hear the TV clearly. I could hear what was going on,” Simons said. “The difference was remarkable.”

Music is clear communication and collaboration

As one can imagine, Simons sings in the car. When he’s working on a new composition, or just an idea for a composition, he finds himself typing a drum part.

“I remember shortly after receiving them, I put on my Widex MOMENTS and patted on my jeans,” he explains. “It was the craziest thing, but I could hear everything so clearly. Like a 3D sound representation that I had never heard before. I could hear my hand, I could hear the jeans, I could hear the air. It’s hard to explain the detail these hearing aids provide. It’s a natural sound, a smoother sound. I hear things I couldn’t hear before, but it’s not too bright or hard.

Simons uses the Widex app to easily get a sound recommendation that suits him perfectly. He often focuses on the directional ability of hearing aids to better hear conversations with friends and colleagues, whether at social gatherings or at work. When using Widex My Sound, Simons is prompted to select his activity, such as eating, and then choose his intention, such as concentration. Based on these selections, My Sound draws on tens of thousands of real data points and instantly presents it with two sound profile recommendations. The chosen profile can then be saved and activated whenever required. All in all, Widex MOMENT made Simons better at his job.

“A big part of musical collaboration is the interaction in a room. Rehearsing, arranging, producing, trying things out. The back and forth can be very quick,” he says. “Before, I had a co-writer who used to go into a room and warn people, ‘Hey, Scott’s not a jerk, it’s just sometimes he can’t hear clearly your ideas.'”

No more. These days, friends ask Simons if he would talk to family members about getting their hearing checked and wearing hearing aids. He explains that being able to fully engage in life far outweighs any blockages they may have about hearing aids.

Pointing to his Widex MOMENT hearing aids, Simons says, “When I put them on, I’m fully myself. He is proud to have overcome his own blockage and is not shy about telling people that hearing aids have changed his life and could change theirs too. “It’s true,” he says, “I’m a hearing aid-wearing musician. In fact, I wear my Widex MOMENT hearing aids as a badge of honor.”

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