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Alisha Chinai found love in a music producer from Tajikistan, who ‘would always dream of meeting her’

Singer Alisha Chinai has found love again, and this time it’s not “made in India”.

According to India Love Project, a social media page that shares stories of couples and their “love and marriage across the shackles of faith, caste, ethnicity and gender”, her “amazing love story intercontinental and interracial musical “took place” at the height of confinement.

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Chinai, a pop star, caused a stir in the late 80s and throughout the 90s, having sung in many Indian films and with hits like ‘Made in India‘, ‘Doll‘, among other things to his credit. According to the India Love Project post, her beau Furkat Azamov had grown up in Tajikistan, “dreamily listening to his music (and knew most of his songs by heart).”

While the 57-year-old singer was “locked up in her Alibag home in India” during the lockdown, Azamov, a music producer, was in her home country.

“They hooked up virtually in the summer of 2020, gradually wrote and composed songs together, and he eventually got on a charter flight and they met,” the post read, adding that the chemistry between them was ‘incredible’, and the love story ‘took them back to the desert of Samarkand, where they shot the song’Chamkega India‘ that they had created for each other”.

Their final song “evoked the same audaciously beautiful quality of her 1995 music video ‘Made In India'”. Interestingly, as a young man, Azamov would “drive early in the morning” to a “beautiful mountainous lake called Norak outside Dushanbe” and play Chinai music.

“I dreamed of her…and kept creating music that I could share with her one day. I knew that was the only way to meet her,” he reportedly said.

According to the post, while Chinai continues to live in India, dividing his time between Alibag and Mumbai, Azamov resides in Dushanbe in Tajikistan, “where he is a financial consultant by day and works on music by night.” The couple is therefore in a “relationship at a distance and hopes to keep it going until… forever”.

The singer was previously married to her manager Rajesh Jhaveri.

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