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Age is just a number, right? | Staff columnists

For some, a lower number is better, at least society tends to think that way. There is a whole market for looking younger in all aspects of life. I don’t really use or buy any of this stuff.

A lot of people, in fact most people, think I’m a lot younger than I really am. It is very good. Even if they think I’m the age I am, it doesn’t matter.

Age is subjective. When you’re a kid, you’re in such a rush to grow up that you include the “and a half” at the end of your age if you’re between birthdays. We drop that, “and a half” somewhere along the line.

Some people have been celebrating their 29th birthday for 20 years. Society says we’re not supposed to ask people’s ages.

So how old am I? That is the question.

Josh Salmon Mug

My wife is eight years younger than me, if that helps? My brother is 21 months older than me.

I went to an amusement park a few years ago on a family vacation and paid a high school kid to guess my age. If she had been under three, I would have lost. She did not do it. I won a stuffed animal for one of my children.

People also read…

Ah, kids, my guppies as I call them (Salmon is the last name remember). They think I went to high school with Fred Flintstone. They probably think my yearbook was made of rock.

I was in my thirties before I got married and started a family. My father is 32 years older than me. When I was younger, I thought he was so old that maybe he went to high school with Moses.

Both my parents look younger than they are, my older brother too. Maybe I have good genes. But I wear shorts all summer.

My first radio job was at a classic rock station when I was 23. People would hear me on the air and then meet me later and think I looked older than I was. I mean, all the songs we played were older than me after all.

I have the spirit of an old person in some ways. I like almost everything old school. I hate technology and almost all new music. I’m not into trends, and I just think like an older person about society and the way things should be. The only difference is that I don’t use the term “back then” because I didn’t like the way things were back then.

I always thought maybe I was born in the wrong time.

So looking at me, will I pass for someone younger, yeah I guess? I have gray hair that weaves its way through the crowd. I’m just happy to have hair, whatever color it is.

Sometimes I meet someone and think that person is wise beyond their age, then I realize I’m older.

My body still feels pretty good, considering I had back surgery eight years ago and can’t run anymore.

I have some aches and pains that are new to me, and a few extra lines on my face, but I’m still pretty good physically.

So next time we’re chatting, and I’m referring to something old like movie cameras, or watching cartoons on TV, or GI Joes, then you might realize I’m a little more older than I look. I’ll let you decide.

Josh Salmon is the chief photographer for the Grand Island Independent. Every two weeks he steps from behind the camera to offer his perspective on the world around him.