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African dance company Wazobia – Le Villanovan

Of the many dance teams Villanova has to offer, there is definitely something special about the Wazobia African Dance Company.

Although its activity and performance have been dampened due to COVID-19, it is ready to resume operations this semester.

The Wazobia African Dance Company is a team that performs genres of step, modern, hip hop and traditional styles, covering a multitude of styles.

The name Wazobia comes from the combination of three Nigerian dialects. Since its inception in 2012, the company has only grown in diversity and inclusiveness.

The company rehearses three days a week, always preparing for its upcoming campus showcases and events, like the annual ACV fashion show. Starting with dynamic stretching and warm-up exercises, members then perform in groups and use constructive feedback to ensure their dances are the best they can be.

When asked what it meant to them to be part of the dance company, the members couldn’t hold back their admiration.

“Being part of this dance team gives me a sense of community and support,” said this year’s frontman. “I am able to express my creativity by moving my body to the rhythm of the music. Dance is a liberation; it is a temporary escape from academic responsibilities.

One member even explained how the variety of backgrounds makes the company so unique.

“I also think it’s amazing how everyone lives outside of dance, but we all come together through the art of dance and are able to be one,” the member said. . “Everyone is inspired in different ways because we all have unique qualities that define us, which we incorporate into our dance.”

The Wazobia Dance Company welcomes all ethnicities and experiences. He advises that an individual does not have to identify as African or be a professional dancer to register. In fact, it is the differences between these characteristics that make the company successful.

Wazobia can be seen all around campus. Always be on the lookout, as this company is keen to share its energy and talents wherever it can, while igniting the enthusiasm of potential new members. He recently held a workshop on campus where any student was invited to stop and sample Wazobia.

After more than a year of having to adjust their schedule due to the pandemic, the band couldn’t be more excited to hold their next showcase on March 27 at the John and Joan Mullen Center for the Performing Arts.

Wazobia’s performance will leave you unable to sit still. The energy and confidence that this company projects on the public is an experience to see for yourself.

The sense of passion and community that Wazobia members create can be seen by anyone on campus. The group not only coordinates dance routines, but an environment of inclusion and an infectious spirit.