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Abdullah Siddiqui worked as associate producer for the next season of Coke Studio – Music

In the last couple of years some very talented musicians have emerged in Pakistan and most of them are rather young. Twenty years electropop prodigy Abdullah Siddiqui has already seduced us by going to Forbes List of 30 under 30s and now he’s taken another big step forward having worked as an associate producer for Coke Studio.

“To anyone wondering what I was doing for most of 2021, that’s it. I was associate producer for the next season of Coke Studio under the direction of Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan,” Siddiqui posted on Instagram.

Siddiqui said he “got to make a lot of music” for the coming season and was also involved in the process of selecting artist lineup.

The musician expressed his gratitude to Xulfi for taking him under his wing for such a great project, “I will always be grateful to Xulfi for trusting me with his original idea and for taking me on the greatest journey. artistic part of my life so far.

“And I can’t wait for you to hear all of these songs,” he said before revealing a collaboration that intrigued us – and surely his fans. “PS I got to sing a song too. With the coolest collaborator you could ask for.” Given the artist lineup, we’re going to have a blast!

The singer-songwriter first gained national fame with his original “Resistance” by Nescafé Basement, then his super hit “Kingdom” for Peshawar Zalmi on PSL6 last year. The song was Zalmi’s official anthem.

Siddiqui has three albums to his credit – heterotopia, Metanoya and dead beat poets – and was also featured on US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Spotify playlist called ‘Muslim Vibes’, with Shamoon Ismail.