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A Week in My Life: Ollie Thomson, Social Media Producer, Audio Always

Ollie Thomson is a social media producer at Audio Always, the MediaCity-based audio company that works with major broadcasters and produces campaigns for a range of agencies and brands.

Thomson is part of a growing team of audio professionals working to bring audio projects to life visually. He joined Audio Always in April 2021 after serving as senior video producer at Social Chain.

Audio Always recently launched a new visual podcast studio and produces shows such as Help I Sexted My Boss hosted by Jordan North and William Hanson, and How Do You Cope with Elis James and John Robins. Radio shows they produce include Amy Lamé on 6 Music and Dr Rangan Chatterjee on Radio 2.

We found out what a recent week in Ollie’s life was like.


One of the best things about working at Audio Always as a social media producer is working on a number of different audio projects each week, and this week is definitely no exception!

My week begins with the preparation of our brand new visual studio – a traditional studio space that for the past few months we have been transforming into our own dedicated visual podcast studio. It is now equipped with high-end microphones, lights and cameras that automatically change depending on who is speaking.

One of our first clients to use this space is The TT Podcast, which we produce on behalf of the Isle of Man Government, celebrating the famous motorcycle races that take place on the Isle. While podcast hosts Steve Plater and Chris Pritchard get comfortable, I check that the cameras and lighting are ready for the first press of the big red record button.

With my colleagues Cal Monaghan in charge of the project and Matt Tasker on the desk, I film some additional cutaways and capture some behind-the-scenes photos before I start recording the episode. The rest of the day includes meeting a true TT (and reality TV!) legend and, as always with a great day of filming, safely backing up all recorded footage.


On Tuesday, I’m back at MediaCity to help prepare two more tapings of The TT Podcast episodes. With a main guest recorded in the morning and a double act in the afternoon, it is important to change the room configuration for each session.

With the TT recordings underway and Matt keeping an eye on everything in the studio, I start working on another project – this time an animation.

Tasked with creating a short video celebrating BBC radio, I edit images, graphics and text together – all in time for an audio mix representing all the major radio shows produced outside of London.

Later, I attend a virtual weekly meeting with our social team to discuss our Always Original Audio podcasts and exciting new content we might be producing on their social media accounts. This week, we’re finalizing designs for our brand new Sexted My Boss newsletter – launching February 15 – and discussing new creative ideas for our Doctor Next Door podcast.


A little different from the TT interviews but just as interesting, today is dedicated to recording content for Magic Radio’s Menopause Month – a series of radio reports featuring women discussing menopause with presenters Michelle Ackerely and Dr. Zoe Williams.

We are back in the new visual studio and I am available to capture visual content alongside audio recording. Working with the project team of Ailsa Rochester, Becky Green and Becky Bond, we split the day into three main sessions, each with a different group and a powerful theme.

It’s a privilege to listen to such open conversations and I look forward to creating short social teaser videos to promote the series which will air throughout March.

Dr Zoe has even brought her very cute new baby from London – her first outing from work – so Becky Green also has the great responsibility of caring for him during the taping, while her mum speaks eloquently of the responsibility of a doctor diagnosing menopause. He sleeps like a dream in the next room!