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“We are delighted to introduce the Boroughs Guitars brand for beginners and experienced musicians alike,” said Brian hard, Brand Manager at Boroughs Guitars. “We believe that playing an instrument is one of the greatest joys and something that everyone can benefit from, no matter who they are. Boroughs Guitars is not only committed to providing high quality, affordable instruments, but also to offer support, resources and education to help musicians on their journey.”

Boroughs Guitars offers a robust range of beginner and advanced acoustic instruments for aspiring and more experienced musicians of all kinds looking for a reasonably priced guitar or ukulele. Features include popular body styles, modern headstock, modern finishes, and high quality components.

Boroughs Guitars instruments available at launch include:

  • B15M ¾ Size Dreadnought Guitar
    • Available in natural and sunburst
  • B20A beginner auditorium guitar
    • Available in natural and sunburst
  • B20D Beginner Dreadnought Guitar
    • Available in natural, sunburst and black
  • B20DPK Beginner Dreadnought Pack
    • Includes guitar, strap, gig bag, strings and picks
  • B20C Classical Guitar
    • Available in natural and sunburst
  • B30D Dreadnought Guitar
    • Available in natural, mahogany and sunburst
  • B30DPK Battleship Pack
    • Includes guitar, strap, gig bag, strings, picks and tuner
  • B30ACE Auditorium Acoustic Electric Guitar
    • Available in natural and sunburst
  • B10US Soprano Ukulele
    • Available in natural, blue and pink
  • B10UC Concert Ukulele

Price and availability:
Boroughs guitars plus covers for every body style are available now exclusively at adorama.comwith ukuleles from $39.95 and guitars from $99.00. Customers can also purchase all of their musical accessory needs including microphones, tuners, amplifiers, headphones and more through Adorama.

On Borough Guitars
Boroughs Guitars is a New York City– guitar brand offering quality guitars and ukuleles at affordable prices. Founded in 2021, Boroughs Guitars focuses the joy and benefits of music on a mission to make well-built guitars accessible to everyone. This unifying vision is at the heart of the brand, which represents the diversity and creativity found in the five boroughs of New York City. For more information, visit

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