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11 Tips for Creating Stunning, Engaging Reels That Will Build Your Brand

If you’re looking for a brilliant and effective way to use Instagram to boost your brand recognition, using Reels in your marketing strategy can work wonders. Reels are great for grabbing users attention as they are short, fun and entertaining. Also, unlike IG Stories, which only has a user feed on the IG interface of its existing followers, Reels has its own tab and can be discovered by anyone as long as your account settings are public. (A business account on Instagram usually has its settings set to the default audience, and this is the type of account you should use to get the most out of using Instagram for brand building.) In other words, posting high-quality, engaging reels can have a significant impact on Instagram’s algorithms and increase your audience reach. If you find that your reels aren’t having the range you’d like them to have, you can always turn to services such as FollowersId to improve comments, key engagement metrics, and the audience traction you receive on them. But that comes after you’ve created your reels. If you don’t already know how to do it, let us first understand how it all works.

Master the basics of creating an Instagram reel. Here’s what you need to do to create an Instagram reel

When you open your IG interface and log into your account, you can create a coil using one of the following options:

  • “Your story”
  • “New position”
  • Coils tab

All you have to do is upload a video or create a new one and follow the Instagram interface of their guides through you.

Now, as can be seen above, creating an IG reel is relatively easy, but making a great one that has the potential to go viral and spark brand awareness can be slightly daunting. With the popularity of this feature, all of your competitors are probably also using Reels to gain the attention and trust of the exact audience you are targeting. Therefore, the question remains, what can you do with coils that will help you grow your business effectively?

  1. Attention to technical details

While content is, of course, still king, when it comes to creating videos, how you finish your content is also important. The right kind of video has the right format, resolution, brightness, clarity, and overall “feel”, which makes watching the video enjoyable, regardless of its length. For example, when shooting a reel, using vertical video always works much better than horizontal video, and it adapts to the dynamics of the IG reel screen. Likewise, keeping it fun and mixing up your intended story with what’s already trending can get you more audience views than posting a regular short video.

  1. Experiment with the built-in effects and features that can help create a fantastic reel

Instagram gives you several add-ons to choose from when creating a reel. Click the wand icon to retouch your face, for example, or add a special effect of the star icon. If you’re recording your Reel live, consider using the built-in timer feature which gives you visual cues to start/stop your recording. You can stitch videos together or use parallel frames to run multiple videos side by side. You can also choose how long or how long you want. The shortest duration you can have for your reel is 15 seconds, and you can create longer ones with a maximum size of one minute. You can even choose the speed in the 3x to 4x range. So, as you can see, you have endless options to customize your micro videos, and you can decide how you want your Reel to be ultimate!

  1. Pay attention to the story you want your reel to tell

You want your viewers to watch the entire Reel and not stop there. You want them to like, comment and share. After all, every view counts towards your active engagement rate, and a skipped view can lower that engagement rate. A reasonable engagement rate is necessary to build brand recognition on any social media site. Having a clear story arc is very important to creating a great Reel. This will not only increase your organic engagement rate, but also increase your ranking in the explore tab of Instagram, thus attracting more audience. Here’s what you need to do for that:

Conceptualize what you want to show. Your reel can be:

  • A before and after look for a makeup tutorial, fitness workout testimonial, part makeovers, or anything related to your business
  • An educational and informative micro-video
  • Advice and ideas on a specific topic
  • Fun, human reels show your employees that they have fun dancing to trending songs, imitating people, or just doing what they love.

Get a First Hook: Give your reel an amazing start. It could be a particular sound effect, a feeling of anticipation, or even an exciting image. Think about what will get your viewers to give your reel their full attention as they scroll up and down their stream, and have them pause to watch the entirety.

Finish with a bang: make sure your reel doesn’t turn off. Make sure that the anticipation created is justified so that your viewer is having enough fun to want to spontaneously hit the “Like” or “Share” button.

  1. Give a musical atmosphere to your Reels

Click the Music Note icon to add background music to your Reel. Choose what’s trending or create something original. Make sure the theme you choose sets the mood for your Reel and accentuates the content you present. Also adjust the music volume accordingly. You can choose to mix the soundtrack of your video with an overlaid musical background. Or, you could have a branded soundtrack that can be identified with your brand like an aural logo. Experiment and check what works best for you.

  1. Enable closed captioning add-on

As sounds and music add to your Reel, make sure it’s also engaging to watch on mute. Many IG users scroll through their IG feed while commuting on public transport or waiting in queues – essentially, in spaces where volume activation isn’t ideal. Aim to create Reels that will appeal to your target audience without sound, and having the automatic subtitles enabled is a great way to communicate what your Reel is about, especially if there is speech in the content.

  1. Drive sales with brand signatures or subtle product features

Soft selling your brand is the best way to build brand awareness, and there are a number of ways you can do it. For example, you can feature products in a story arc without appearing to sell them. If you’re a clothing brand, consider doing a dance reel with people wearing your clothes. If necessary, you could add a shopping tag and advertise the reel further on your IG story. Likewise, announce launches or discounts as part of your story rather than making it the main idea of ​​your Reel. Remember that what works for one may not work for another, so don’t blindly follow the trend when you soft sell your brand. Experiment with different drinking tactics to see what works best for you. It’s helpful for some brands to add a branding element to their reels, such as a recognizable color scheme or a watermark of your brand in the corner of your video. Look at your Reel analytics to see what attracts the most audience to you.

  1. Focus on a particular call to action (CTA) in a reel

Don’t bombard your audience with multiple messages. While you may have many simultaneous ideas for your Reel, think about how you want to use it the most. Is it for information or entertainment or both? Do you need your audience to visit your website through the Reel? Do you want them to raise awareness of a community issue? Think about what you would like your audience to do and make it your main focus call to action. You can use several in the app like text, stickers, and GIFs for this purpose. You can use it to effectively direct your audience to your bio or leave a comment or like. You can also reinforce the same idea in your caption.

  1. Think outside the box when creating transitions

A concept that’s always in vogue on Reels is the transition between two or more phases of any subject, whether it’s a before-and-after image, an unexpected makeover, a fun change,… a cliffhanger, if-then-else situation or next storyline. . Think about how you can do something similar but different enough to grab your audience’s attention. Reels are a great place to quickly and effectively show off transitions made possible by your brand or create fun behind-the-scenes videos with co-workers and employees. Keep it fun and keep it unexpected.

  1. Be original even when you follow the trend

This follows from the tip above. Whether it’s transitions, presentation, music choices, or use of trivia, do your research to see what works and find inspiration from others, but don’t pass on other people’s work for your own. . Create unique content that showcases you and your brand image. As with any other type of IG content, keep in mind that this account is for building the voice of your brand, and reels are no different. Ask yourself what sets you apart and makes you worthy of your audience’s time and trust. Keep this in mind when conceptualizing and creating content.

  1. Remember to use relevant hashtags

Include primary and secondary keywords and hashtags in your Instagram reels just as you would when posting any other type of IG post. It helps new visitors from your target audience to stumble upon your reels when they search on Instagram.

  1. Follow community guidelines

No matter how catchy, memorable and eye-catching your Reel is, nothing is worth overriding the arranged Instagram community. guidelines. Carefully review your content multiple times during design. Create phases to ensure that you don’t inadvertently use something insensitive to certain members of society, featuring or advocating prohibited products, or engaging in prohibited topics under IG rules and regulations as well as to your country’s social media laws.

Reels is a popular Instagram feature. The best way to create great content is to learn and observe how others are successfully using it while keeping up to date with new features Instagram is adding to its reels. Staying informed and using that knowledge in time can help you create knowledge that will boost your brand awareness and increase your potential for generating sales. It can also be the way to develop a loyal and active clientele.